A Few Great Examples of eCommerce Platforms

The majority of experts agrees that using a reliable eCommerce platform is the most convenient way to build a successful online store. After all, that’s the main reason why we are witnessing a real boom in this industry. Namely, there are dozens of eCommerce platforms available to future online business owners. Obviously, most of them claim that they are the best solution for your modern business needs. But, not all of them can be right. In other words, some of them are better compared to others. The following is a list of a few great eCommerce platforms.


Technically, WooCommerce is a plugin, but it’s also considered to be an eCommerce platform too. Thanks to WooCommerce you can easily turn your WordPress website into a store. Today, thousands of online sellers are using WooCommerce. Using WooCommerce lets people upload an unlimited number of products, customize their website, ease blogging, improve search engine optimization (SEO) and more.


The list of popular eCommerce platforms continues with BigCommerce. What most people say about BigCommerce is that it’s really easy to set up an online store. The same goes for the process of managing an online store. This platform provides access to a long list of useful features and you can get all these things at a reasonable price. There’s also a good customer support service in case you get stuck during this process.


Here’s an example of an enterprise-level eCommerce platform. With Miva, you can personalize and customize the site with the help of a few clicks. Some say that this is the ideal solution for those who are running small businesses and want to use modern enterprise techniques and methods. Order processing, multichannel inventory management, shipping fulfillment, customer relationship management – these are just some of the many things that you can handle with Miva. The only disadvantage is that this solution can be pricey.


Simplicity is one of the most used words when people are trying to describe Lightspeed. This eCommerce platform which is used by many online stores around the world provides a high level of customization. It also has many useful SEO tools that can help you make your website more visible. In addition to the standard features, Lightspeed is also offering software and hardware solutions like Lightspeed POS, Lightspeed Onsite which is designed for Desktop use and a specially designed Lightspeed retail system.