What are some great tools for building eCommerce websites?

The only tool you need for building successful eCommerce websites is an eCommerce platform. The truth is that there are many excellent eCommerce platforms available on the Internet. They come equipped with many features and options that can help you build an eCommerce website easily. The best ones are easy to use, customizable, have many marketing tools and support website owners’ SEO efforts. To simplify things, we have created a list of a few great platforms for building eCommerce websites.


It makes sense to make a list of platforms like this with Shopify. Even if you have zero experience with eCommerce, Shopify will prove to be a useful tool. This is the most famous eCommerce platform today used by thousands of online stores. This is a huge platform that will not only help you create a visually appealing store, but it will also help you manage a store like that without any hassles. Don’t forget that Shopify comes with an online application store that has over one thousand applications. Some of them are free while others are paid.


Many users can confirm that you probably won’t go wrong if you choose SquareSpace. With the help of this eCommerce platform that exists for many years now, you will get a chance to create a complete, modern eCommerce website in a short period of time. Users don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. Some of the best features available to SquareSpace users include SEO support, statistics, analytics, opportunity to add as many products as you want, easy product description option, code generation and more.


Magento is another eCommerce platform that has been available for a long time. This is an eCommerce platform known for its flexibility. Many popular web developers and designers are using Magento. This open-source platform is good for small, medium-sized and large businesses. It’s good that you can customize almost any aspect of your website thanks to Magento. It’s good to know that Magento has a free version, but if you want to experience the true power of this platform, you should choose the paid one.


CrateJoy is following a slightly different concept. This platform uses a subscription-based service. It’s created with the needs of businesses that are delivering products quickly via subscription boxes. It doesn’t take much time to turn your existing site into a modern online store with the help of CrateJoy.