Learning more about the most popular eCommerce Websites Builder options

eCommerce is growing rapidly every year and that’s why it’s no surprise if you are interested in starting your online business. To make things simpler, it’s highly recommended to use an eCommerce websites builder for this task. Obviously, you can hire a web designer and developer, but this option will cost you more and there are some other downsides too. But, if you want to feel the true potential of eCommerce websites builders, you have to stick to the reputable ones. Now let’s see what are the most popular eCommerce websites builder options today.


The latest statistics have shown that Magento holds a quarter of this market. Respected for its scalability and flexibility, Magento was the first choice of many reputable brands like Liverpool FC and Huawei. So, what’s so great about Magento? Well, this platform is offering free extensions and plugins as well as paid ones. It’s an open-source platform that provides an excellent user experience even to people that don’t have any experience in this field. if you are planning on creating a store with a huge number of products, then you will definitely find Magento useful.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is usually used by artists and individuals managing home-based businesses. According to the management of this platform, they have served more than a million artists who have successfully sold their work through their platform for over 13 years. Big Cartel features an efficient and easy to use hosted system. You can use it to integrate a Facebook shop and you can find some really great themes through their store.


There are hundreds of thousands of Shopify-powered online stores in the world. This popular platform is focused on mobile and social shopping, but the fact is that many different kinds of online sellers will improve their businesses thanks to Shopify. This is one of the rare platforms that are offering more than 100 store templates/themes for their users. In addition, they have a library that comes with over 1500 applications designed to improve the store’s functionality. Shopify is offering many integration options too.


Finally, there’s YoKart, an eCommerce websites builder that is used by startups. Thanks to YoKart you can create a multivendor marketplace solution. When you start using YoKart, you will automatically become the source code owner. It’s also very easy to customize almost every aspect of an online store through YoKart.